The late artist Ian Scott’s work, from beginning to end – Paperboy

Article by Jeremy Hansen dated 17th May 2017, interviewing Chris Corson-Scott, the late artist Ian Scotts's son on his fathers last works made prior to his passing in 2013. And how would you describe these later works? They’re not the same as the Lattices he’s most known for. They’re much more minimal. They’re pared back to... Continue Reading →


‘The Color Makes the Structure’: Stanley Whitney Paints a Picture | ARTnews

Colour theory is complex, far too complex to discuss in one post however Stanley Whitney talks well about what colour can do, simply. "While he may start with a standard structure, his shapes, colors, arrangement, and touch—really, every new painterly decision—are made in response to what came before. His approach is all about contingencies and... Continue Reading →

Katharina Grosse – thought based approach to work.     via Preview: Katharina Grosse in Season 7 of ART21 "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2014) - YouTube

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