‘The Color Makes the Structure’: Stanley Whitney Paints a Picture | ARTnews

Colour theory is complex, far too complex to discuss in one post however Stanley Whitney talks well about what colour can do, simply. "While he may start with a standard structure, his shapes, colors, arrangement, and touch—really, every new painterly decision—are made in response to what came before. His approach is all about contingencies and... Continue Reading →


Katharina Grosse – thought based approach to work.

https://youtu.be/z6mjwG7JVpA     via Preview: Katharina Grosse in Season 7 of ART21 "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2014) - YouTube

Harmonies of the Abstract; Julian Stanczak

One of the most poignant videos of an artist talking that I have come across in a long time, Julian Stanczak tells a short story of being in the woods and well I won't spoil it but a truism to live by, life is always in flux. Art is known by what it does, not... Continue Reading →

Reconfiguration + covfefe group show @DEMO

One of the great things about life is that nothing is certain, nothing remains the same, which brings me to the recent MFA July Seminar and the opportunity to reconfigure and rethink how our work might operate in another location and in relation/context to other works of differing mediums and ideas. Who are your people.... Continue Reading →

Practice Statement repost- July Seminar 2017

After some reflection and somewhere between the peer critique and the assessment it seemed appropriate to make a few minor changes to the practice statement which accompanied the work for the final assessment on Monday 10th July 2017. A change of term used to describe the forms as being 'diagonal' i.e. a straight line joining... Continue Reading →

Practice Statement

Simple forms and colour draw on the language of geometric abstraction to create paintings with pictorial space and depth that can be both shallow and vast, concrete and optical. The intention is to deliver an experience of emotional resonance and liveliness that is visually compelling yet seeks to be nothing other than, or more than... Continue Reading →

Stanley Whitney.

The following is a press release for a Stanley Whitney exhibition at Lisson Gallery in Milan 2015, but what interested me most was Whitney's poetic description about colour and space, using layers of saturated colours in varying hues to subvert the conventional visual cues of the grid and create new ways of perceiving geometric abstraction.... Continue Reading →

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