Work, ideas and other stuff.

Coming back from the September seminar I went back into the studio with a renewed and focused attention, and began immediately to prepare canvas for more paintings. I wanted to keep the momentum going, developing a series of paintings based around the chevron shape that I'm calling (for now) "Road Works”. It made sense to... Continue Reading →


Studio snapshot.

So many possibilities... The brown craft paper for me most closely mirrors working on canvas. However there is an informality about it that you don't get with canvas. Attached to the wall with a 5mm slat across the top of the work gives an illusion of depth creating a shallow disconnect from the wall. If... Continue Reading →

New work-in-progress/ideas/interests (IN SHORT) – Feb 2016

Possibilities + potential NEW areas of interest // Selection images below, (see following post for comprehensive image selection from February). Materials: muslin, masking tape, wooden blocks (variety of shapes and sizes), paint sticks, paper, cardboard, acrylic paint, more wooden blocks.                              ... Continue Reading →

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