Impressions and traces of things, having some fun with symbols and thinking of the negative vs the positive. Productive last week in the studio but much more to do, modelling and projection of things, simple materials made extraordinary, grids and squares and light.


Reflections and studio work.

Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting and exploring a variety of ideas that were raised in the April seminar. Whether to continue down this path of deconstruction, how far can I go with surface and support and questioning my non-use of colour i.e. my fixation on the colour black. I also realised in... Continue Reading →

April – Art as Inquiry

  Crit 1. TE, Kristina, Veronica, Winston, Kevin, Christina. in no particular order.           what am I trying to achieve with showing so many works that are very similar, what is the logic? how are the works linked? are we looking at a sequence or is it operating as a pattern? or puzzle? is... Continue Reading →

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