‘The Color Makes the Structure’: Stanley Whitney Paints a Picture | ARTnews

Colour theory is complex, far too complex to discuss in one post however Stanley Whitney talks well about what colour can do, simply. "While he may start with a standard structure, his shapes, colors, arrangement, and touch—really, every new painterly decision—are made in response to what came before. His approach is all about contingencies and... Continue Reading →


Reconfiguration + covfefe group show @DEMO

One of the great things about life is that nothing is certain, nothing remains the same, which brings me to the recent MFA July Seminar and the opportunity to reconfigure and rethink how our work might operate in another location and in relation/context to other works of differing mediums and ideas. Who are your people.... Continue Reading →

Petra Cortright at City Gallery Wellington

The first thing that drew me to Petra Cortrights work was the beauty of the paintings, there seems to be so much light that emanates from the work which creates this intense illusion of depth. I actually didn't realise her work was digital at first glance so I was shocked to realise that all of... Continue Reading →

Key Critical Insights – January Seminar – Mid course submission.

A key strategy that I employed was a direct questioning of the role/understanding of the chevron shape as a signifier of meaning or not, how the viewer might read it as a 'chevron' or if as a sign it was not important to the overall reading of the paintings. I feel like my artist statement... Continue Reading →

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