Harmonies of the Abstract; Julian Stanczak

One of the most poignant videos of an artist talking that I have come across in a long time, Julian Stanczak tells a short story of being in the woods and well I won't spoil it but a truism to live by, life is always in flux. Art is known by what it does, not... Continue Reading →


Carmen Herrera talks about her life and art – artforum.com / 500 words

Carmen Herrera is 101 and has been painting since... forever. And it seems ironic to me that after years of being passed over by the critics and contemporaries she is now coming into her own! You have to admire anyone whose commitment to her art drives her to continue to create paintings regardless, regardless of... Continue Reading →

From Revlon to Robert Smithson: Mary Heilmann finds inspiration everywhere · SFMOMA

Artist Mary Heilmann recalls a Revlon ad campaign from the 1950s that stuck with her and eventually inspired her painting Fire and Ice Remix (2006). She also identifies Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1970) as a source of (geometric) inspiration. SFMOMA via From Revlon to Robert Smithson: Mary Heilmann finds inspiration everywhere · SFMOMA Post the September... Continue Reading →

David Foster Wallace, my teacher | Books | The Guardian

Featured Image: ‘You do not make grammatical errors when you’re swinging for the fences’ .. David Foster Wallace, pictured in his Pomona shirt in 2003. Photograph: Nancy Crampton My husband sent me this little piece while I was in Auckland, little does he know that I know that he knows... sometimes you just hit the nail... Continue Reading →

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