Carmen Herrera: ‘Every painting has been a fight between the painting and me. I tend to win’ | From the Observer | The Guardian

I discovered Carmen Herrera last year while researching another painter, however her work really captured my attention, young at heart she has been painting for decades and has just recently been 'found'! Considered a current leading contemporary artist, Herrera's work has obvious attractions for me; in her formal and limited visual language, hard edged constructivism and... Continue Reading →


Studio snapshot.

So many possibilities... The brown craft paper for me most closely mirrors working on canvas. However there is an informality about it that you don't get with canvas. Attached to the wall with a 5mm slat across the top of the work gives an illusion of depth creating a shallow disconnect from the wall. If... Continue Reading →

Experimenting with paper.

A studio visit with my supervisors led me to look through new eyes at my work both current and past and among other things that came up during our meeting it became apparent that paper works are a large component of my practice, however, to what end I was asked? Are they preparatory? Do they... Continue Reading →


Oil stick on card, 4 parts @ 100 x 100 mm. Experimenting with paper works, sequence vs single work, composition and arrangement.

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