Katharina Grosse – thought based approach to work.

https://youtu.be/z6mjwG7JVpA     via Preview: Katharina Grosse in Season 7 of ART21 "Art in the Twenty-First Century" (2014) - YouTube


Harmonies of the Abstract; Julian Stanczak

One of the most poignant videos of an artist talking that I have come across in a long time, Julian Stanczak tells a short story of being in the woods and well I won't spoil it but a truism to live by, life is always in flux. Art is known by what it does, not... Continue Reading →

Practice Statement

Simple forms and colour draw on the language of geometric abstraction to create paintings with pictorial space and depth that can be both shallow and vast, concrete and optical. The intention is to deliver an experience of emotional resonance and liveliness that is visually compelling yet seeks to be nothing other than, or more than... Continue Reading →

Stanley Whitney.

The following is a press release for a Stanley Whitney exhibition at Lisson Gallery in Milan 2015, but what interested me most was Whitney's poetic description about colour and space, using layers of saturated colours in varying hues to subvert the conventional visual cues of the grid and create new ways of perceiving geometric abstraction.... Continue Reading →

Carmen Herrera talks about her life and art – artforum.com / 500 words

Carmen Herrera is 101 and has been painting since... forever. And it seems ironic to me that after years of being passed over by the critics and contemporaries she is now coming into her own! You have to admire anyone whose commitment to her art drives her to continue to create paintings regardless, regardless of... Continue Reading →

From Revlon to Robert Smithson: Mary Heilmann finds inspiration everywhere · SFMOMA

Artist Mary Heilmann recalls a Revlon ad campaign from the 1950s that stuck with her and eventually inspired her painting Fire and Ice Remix (2006). She also identifies Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1970) as a source of (geometric) inspiration. SFMOMA via From Revlon to Robert Smithson: Mary Heilmann finds inspiration everywhere · SFMOMA Post the September... Continue Reading →

Impressions and traces of things, having some fun with symbols and thinking of the negative vs the positive. Productive last week in the studio but much more to do, modelling and projection of things, simple materials made extraordinary, grids and squares and light.

Reflections and studio work.

Over the past few weeks I have been experimenting and exploring a variety of ideas that were raised in the April seminar. Whether to continue down this path of deconstruction, how far can I go with surface and support and questioning my non-use of colour i.e. my fixation on the colour black. I also realised in... Continue Reading →

April – Art as Inquiry

  Crit 1. TE, Kristina, Veronica, Winston, Kevin, Christina. in no particular order.           what am I trying to achieve with showing so many works that are very similar, what is the logic? how are the works linked? are we looking at a sequence or is it operating as a pattern? or puzzle? is... Continue Reading →

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